Update a work entry in the employee's work history table.

This endpoint updates an entry in the employee’s work history table.
The unique identifier for the work entry is the site and effective date.
Note that the entire work entry will be replaced with the data provided in your payload.

Obtaining Field IDs:
For fields that require an ID, you must supply IDs that correspond to the values listed in the relevant values-list. Use the HiBob Metadata API to retrieve these IDs. see How to work with lists Public API.

Patch Update Flag:
As a best practice, we recommend reading the entire work entry data, updating the necessary fields, and then writing back the entire entry. However, for legacy purposes, we provide the flag: patchUpdate=true, which functions similarly to a PATCH request.
When using this flag, please note:
1. Only the fields included in the payload will be updated; all others will remain unchanged.
2. The identifier for the work entry should be entry_id, not the site/effective date.
3. Note that using the patchUpdate approach is not recommended and should be reserved for legacy implementations only.

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