eSign Document Signing Event

Check out Getting started with Webhooks before diving into this guide.

eSign Document Signing Completedocuments.eSign.completedAt the end of signing process the message will be sent. If the request has two signers and only one has signed, the message won’t be sent until the second signer completes signing.

eSign Document Signing Complete Payload

  "companyId": 468462,
  "type": "documents.eSign.completed",
  "documentId": 3208966,
  "employeeId": "2683470122701554208",
  "downloadUrl": "468462/documents/1644324879848_a63048e4-08a9-4e5b-bf17-3c8d399e2d89_16802375",
  "signedBy": "2683470082411069966",
  "creationDate": "2022-02-08T12:54:39.99"