How to integrate with your Careers page (Hiring API)

Integrate Bob with your external careers page so that you can post job openings to it, directly from Bob Hiring

Bob Hiring is an all-in-one recruitment solution, allowing you to create job openings, promote them to job boards, career pages and other custom sources, and manage candidates throughout the pipeline.

Bob Hiring’s API lets you integrate with an external careers page so that you can post job openings to it directly from Bob Hiring. Additionally, candidates who apply from the careers page will be directed to Bob’s application form, allowing you to receive candidates directly to your job opening’s hiring pipeline in Bob.

This process can save time, streamline the management of the job openings on your careers page, and allow you to track new applicants from a single place.

How to integrate with your careers page

To integrate job ads in Bob's careers page with your careers page, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps to set up your custom careers page’s URL in Bob.
  2. Post job openings to your career page on Bob to create a job ad. To learn more about promoting job in Bob, see Promote a job opening.
  3. Develop the code on your website to fetch job ads from Bob using the API endpoints. To learn more, see Fetching Job ads and their details.
  4. On your careers page, direct users to the application form link that is returned in the response from Bob. This ensures that new candidates that use the application form will be received and displayed in Bob Hiring with the source label “Careers page.”

Fetching Job ads and their details

  1. To fetch job ads you need to use the following endpoints:
  2. Working with Get all active job ads from your Career page endpoint:
    • Use the 'fields' parameter in the request body to specify which fields to fetch. For a detailed list of available fields, refer to the schema in the '200 response' section in the endpoint documentation.
    • Use the 'filters' parameter to filter the results. To retrieve all active job ads send an empty array in the 'filters' parameter in the request body, or specify filters in the request body to narrow the results.
  3. Posting on your career page: For each job ad retrieved from Bob, you should create a corresponding page on your career page. Ensure the URL for each job ad on your website matches the custom format defined in Bob, using a structure like{jobId}. To learn more, see Set up your custom careers page’s URL in Bob.
  4. To allow new candidates to apply, ensure you retrieve and utilize the 'jobAd/applyUrl' field from each job ad's response. This URL links to an application form hosted by Bob, which automatically submits the candidate's details back to Bob.

Testing guidelines


The service user you use with the Hiring API endpoints does not require special permissions, so you can use the most basic service user permissions group. To learn more, see the API Service users guide.

Testing the endpoint

Since the Get all active job ads from your Career page requires body parameters in order to send the filtering and fields specification, this endpoint uses the 'POST' method (not 'GET'). Make sure you use the right method in your code and testing, and include all necessary filters and fields in the request body.

To learn more, see Test the API.