Getting Started with Bob's API

Let’s get started. The Bob API gives you incredible flexibility to build creative solutions for your key business workflows.

Here’s what you need to set up to jump-start development.

Step 1: Set up your account

How are you planning to integrate with us?

Develop for my organization (as a customer)

  • We’re glad you are here! Follow the next steps to begin integrating with Bob to create custom integrations tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Become a Bob Partner

  • Become a partner: register as a partner to get started with a demo account, receive additional documentation and resources, and explore integration possibilities.

Step 2: Get to know REST API

Already familiar with REST API? Feel free to skip ahead. If you’re new, review the following resources so you can develop with confidence:

  • Understand REST API: Bob's API is based on the REST framework. Learn more about REST API

Step 3: Obtain your service user credentials

During development, you’ll need service user credentials for authorization. These credentials do not affect headcount or the people directory

Step 4: Develop and test your app

Utilize the API Reference Guide to test endpoints and develop your app efficiently:

  • API Reference Guide: access detailed information on all available endpoints, try the API via the interactive Try It! option in the documentation, and start building.
  • Getting started with Webhooks : learn how to subscribe to events that occur in the system.